Distance MBA: Check All Details

Strengths of Distance MBA
The best distance learning MBA programmes are considered more suitable for working professionals, entrepreneurs or for those who are searching suitable job after graduation and wish to pursue their dream of doing MBA simultaneously.

Effective Time Management 
Regular MBA has classroom sessions and the students thus, are bound to attend classes. On the other hand, Distance MBA lends flexibility of time. Those who cannot afford to do full time MBA because they are working can opt for Distance MBA. So if you are working, you can utilize your evenings and weekends much better by studying the fascinating world of management and business.

ICT driven Pedagogy
Full time or Regular MBA is a face-to-face instruction medium. Students need to go to the classrooms and attend classes, whereas in Distance MBA, there is nothing like a frequent classroom study and online MBA classes are conducted for distance MBA. Various ICT (Information Communication Technology) methods are used for delivering a good Distance MBA programme in top 10 institutes for distance MBA. The top institutes for distance MBA use technologies to fill the gap between Regular MBA and Distance MBA. The various Education Technologies being used by the eminent Distance Learning MBA Institutes today include E-learning, online chats with professors, Video Conferencing, CD’s and DVD’s provided by the institutes, online (digital) library among others.

Cost effective Option 
One of the biggest advantages of the Distance MBA programmes is its low fee structure. If we compare the top 10 institutes for distance MBA fee with full time regular fee, we will find that these top 10 institutes for distance MBA have complete the programme at less than 10% fee charged for the regular MBA. Regular MBA fee is typically many times the fee of a Distance MBA. For example, fee for 2-year Distance -Post Graduate Diploma program at IMT-CDL is Rs. 1 lakh whereas fee for full time PGDM programme offered by IMT Ghaziabad is Rs. 15 lakhs. Moreover, Distance learning MBA eliminates cost incurred on travelling, infrastructure and various other expenses.

Industry relevant 
Distance MBA fits perfectly with the needs and aspirations of the individuals as well as the corporates. According to management experts Distance MBA provides a unique opportunity to the people working full time, to pursue higher education and upgrade their skill sets. The companies also stand to gain as the distance learner, though not studying in a conventional model, keeps himself abreast with the new and innovative practices in Management through the online learning program.

Recognized by Regulatory Bodies 
Distance MBA offered by top MBA colleges enjoys AICTE approval/ UGC recognition. However, before registering for the Distance MBA at a particular B-school, please check that the programme is approved and recognized by the regulatory bodies.

Limitations of Distance MBA
– Distance education is not directly comparable to full time MBA programme. However, it creates a path for you to get into a managerial career.
– The student pursuing regular MBA gets the class room and campus experience of the MBA college which remains absent in Distance MBA programme. But since the candidate doing distance MBA in most cases is working has already developed his peer group, it helps him to get all the experience needed to develop leadership qualities.
– For the distance learning programs to be valued in the market, it is important for the institutes to make the curricula relevant and in line with the current market trends. One must compare well the curriculum, pedagogic tools and mandatory approvals to choose the right distance MBA programme.
– In India, there are very few quality institutes which offer Distance MBA programs. The key players in the Distance MBA domain include Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning, NMIMS-SDL, IMT-CDL, IGNOU, Sikkim Manipal University – Distance Education to name the well known ones.


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